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Feeling anxious, stressed, depressed, or experiencing relationship difficulties? 

It doesn't have to be that way...It's time to feel better!

Rozanna Wyatt, MSW, RSW, CCP

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If You Are Looking For Counselling, You Are In The Right Place

Your Journey to Feeling Better

I am guessing you are here because the pressures of life, managing your mood, relationship difficulties, or workplace stress have become too much to deal with on your own. 
You might even be thinking there is something wrong with you. But here's the thing, there is nothing wrong with you!
You're simply at a place in your life where you want things to feel and look different.  
I can help with that!

Through counselling therapy, I provide a confidential and safe place for your to show up as you are. A place where you are free of judgement and can talk freely about what's going on in your life.  
I help professional men and women, and teens to feel better and create positive change in their lives. 

Hello! I'm Rozanna

I am a  therapist and an expert certified coach, and the Founder of Wyatt Way Counselling & Life Coaching.

I have spent the last fourteen years transforming the lives of hundreds of individuals as a therapist (MSW, RSW). I've spent thousands of hours coaching individuals locally and around the world.

I'm thrilled to be able to help you on your personal journey to feeling better.  
Now, I'm assuming you don't want to read about all the technical facts about my training and the treatment modalities I use for counselling/therapy. It's all there and real life experience too! 

If you want to read more about me, head on over to the "About" page. 

You really want to know if I can help you overcome your biggest emotional, personal, and real-life challenges so you can feel better. 

I believe I can help you!

Feel Better At An Accelerated Rate...

What if I told you I specialize in a therapy that could help you to feel better at an accelerated rate?

Let me tell you about EMDR...

EMDR therapy is a fast-working, scientifically proven psychotherapy recommended by the American Psychological Association, the American Psychiatric Association, and the World Health Organization for treating trauma. It also works for other concerns like depression, anxiety (including performance anxiety), stress, PTSD, addictions, and getting “unstuck” in relationships and in life.

EMDR has been proven to work where other therapeutic approaches have failed.  

And wouldn't it be great to feel better in weeks or months, instead of it taking years? 

Ready to feel better and experience the breakthroughs you're looking for

In addition to EMDR, Rozanna specializes in other treatment modalities such as CBT, DBT, and strengths-based therapy. 

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